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With expert craftsmanship, prestigious design and effortless handling, this iron will shorten your styling time and leave your hair looking flawless.

Vibrating technology massages heat into hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute resulting in perfectly straight hair in just one swipe. Healing Stone™ Technology and vibrations allow you to style at a lower heat, keeping your hair at optimal health.

Universal Voltage (100~240V)

Features: Vibrating Technology, Healing Stone™ Technology, Ceramic Plates, 3D swivel cord


Length Type Objective
Medium Thin/Normal Straighten
Medium Thin/Normal Curl
Medium Thin/Normal Straight+Curl
Medium Thick/Wavy Straighten
Medium Thick/Wavy Curl
Medium Thick/Wavy Straight+Curl
Long Thin/Normal Straighten
Long Thin/Normal Curl
Long Thin/Normal Straight+Curl

Customer Reviews


Best Flat Iron!!

So far the best results of any flat iron I have used. I love the vibrate function on this. It really seems to help the products I use absorb into the hair. Other flat irons just cook all the product off and leave my hair swollen and frizzy. I can also achieve a straight style which a much lower heat setting. Normally I have to use 400 degrees F. With the Glampalm I can have it at 300 degrees. My otherwise dull hair is softer, shinier, and healthier!!!

THIS Straightener Transformed My Hair From Fluffy to Sleek in 15 Minutes Flat

My hair literally went from a poofy mess to frizz-free and sleek in exactly fifteen minutes. I couldn't ask for more.

It blew me away!

When I test out the vibrating feature, I was pretty blown away. It really did give me straight hair in just one swipe. Besides this feature, I was impressed by other bonuses this straightener had to offerlike its easy display system, and its quick heat-up time. it only takes about 20 seconds to heat up.

It's not a magic wand but..

It's Not a Magic Wand, But Glampalm Pro Might Finally Give You Disney Princess Hair